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American Sunbather, a monthly educational and sociological science publication, claimed the largest circulation amongst nudists of any periodical in the field and was the largest selling bona fide nudist magazine in the world. It was published for the purpose of recording a monthly history of the development of the nudist concept and for the purpose of advancing the nudist conviction for the benefit of mankind by acquainting potential nudists with the principles and advantages of the Nudist Way of Life.

Edition 174 (Volume 19, number 1) was available for distribution in January 1967 under the auspices of the American Health Alliance, of which it was the Official Journal, its Editor in Chief was Mervin Mounce, President of the AHA, former president of Sunway Society and the Northwest Sunbathing Association, as well as a President Emeritus of the American Sunbathing Association. Offices were situated at 3133 North Stuart Street, Spokane WA 99207.


Articles and Features

Naked & Unashamed IV

The fourth instalment of Mervin Mounce’s essay examines the way of life from a psychological point of view. 4

Blue Jay Farm

Dick and Anita invite readers to Blue Jay Farm, Ohio’s ideal resort on the outskirts of Cleveland. Originally bought in 1955, the couple brought their nudist friends to the summer camp ground after the Solar Society was left without grounds following its owner. The club, organized in 1959 and affiliated with the NNC as well as the AHA, have made numerous improvements to the former potato patch. 13

Winter Activities à la Nude

Sunbathing in the snow? Snowball fights? Skinny-dipping? Seaford Martin explores the crazy yet fun activities in which nudists in the cold country engage during the winter months. 17

New Jersey’s Newest

The fastest-growing nudist park back in 1966 was the new Circle H Ranch, set amongst the rolling hills of the Kittatinny Range of New Jersey. I. M. Brian interviews owners Earl and Lucille Hansen who operate the Glen Gardner estate as a nudist retreat on week-ends but invite textiles to enjoy the facilities Monday through Thursday, including residence of the Hunterdon Home for the Aged. 19

Sunshine Country Club

Mervin and Jean Mounce introduce a new nudist park north of their Spokane, Washington, home. Sunshine Forest Estate is location for the Sunshine Country Club, a four-hundred acre club near the town of Chattaroy with woods and meadows, a trout stream and other natural features to augment the modern comforts like an Olympic pool, clubhouse and solarium. The facility is unusual for the Pacific Northwest in that it is open year-round. 21

Desert Adventures

Ralph Babcock heads for the desert in search of nudists who pass on the parks in favour of camping amongst the scrub brush and tumbleweeds of the Southwest. Abandoned mines, rock caves and the occasional watering hole are to be explored. 29

Occupational Hazard

A poem by Jim Moran. 37


French author Isaac de Beausobre published his Dissertation on the Adamites in which his sympathies with those of the Bohemian Reformation during the early 1700s who followed the practice of social nudity at the peril of their reactionary Taborite and Catholic opponents. Dr. Henry Latour studied the writer’s works and reports on his interesting discoveries of nudism in 18th Century Europe. 38

Raw Facts for History

An editorial from Mervin Mounce, President of the American Health Alliance, focused on Sir Winston Churchill. 40

Complete Magazine

American Sunbather 174 January 1967: v 19, № 1

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